Operational Costs – We’re Here to Help!

Operational Costs - We're Here to Help!

The current cost of living is affecting the hospitality sector more than most. We have previously published a post about why the cost of catering equipment has increased in price.

At TAG we have been working on initiatives to help keep your costs down and ways that you can protect yourself from any future increases to help safeguard your business.


What have we done to help protect our customers in the future?

We have invested in key areas to help with our efficiency, by improving our company infrastructure and operational systems.

This will also enable us to offer you the best and most efficient customer service. These initiatives include:

  • Investment in our IT infrastructure such as our new customer management system offering more efficient and intelligent job management, including a customer portal to enable you to be self-sufficient and ensure our teams can do what they do best, give you great service
  • Investment in solar panels for our premises, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our energy costs (due to be installed late 2022-early 2023)
  • Recruitment in trainees to support our workforce and invest in future talent
  • A focus on recruitment to give every account a dedicated Sales Account Manager so you are fully supported ahead of issues potentially developing into costly repairs
  • Purchasing fully electric vans, to further reduce our transport costs and carbon footprint
  • Working closely with our suppliers and partners to negotiate the best possible pricing for materials, parts, and new equipment
  • Investing in our warehouse and van stock process, with a larger stock available to improve repair time and increase first-time fixes to reduce your costs.


What can you do to help reduce your costs further?

There are many things that you can do to save costs but also make our service to you more efficient and more sustainable:

  • Consider grouping repair callouts together for anything that is not urgent which will help reduce attendance, labour costs, and vehicle emissions
  • Invest in a spare parts site box; this will help us to increase your first-time fix rate but also mean you’ve pre-paid for common parts protecting against supplier price increases
  • If possible, provide our engineers with parking for the duration of their site attendance, meaning a shorter call-out time
  • If you have charging facilities for electric vehicles, we can offer a reduction in  your maintenance contract costs
  • Invest in connected kitchen technology to enable us to monitor and maintain your kitchen remotely (read more)
  • Install a hygienic kitchen that is much quicker and easier to clean, saving time and cleaning costs (read more)
  • Read our advice blogs on how to look after your equipment (read more).


We know that the entire hospitality industry is facing unprecedented challenges. We want to reassure our customers that we are here to deliver you the best possible service and award-winning solutions that we always have.

If you are interested in exploring any of these options or want to talk further about how we can help, please speak to our Service Desk team or your Sales Account Manager to book a consultation.

We greatly value your business and would like to thank you for your continued support.