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Commercial kitchens face ever-increasing demands to find economic efficiencies across their entire operation, in addition to meeting sustainability objectives and desires. Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens and eliminating fossil fuels is one key way that you can reduce costs and improve your commercial kitchen operation.

We have pioneered the latest in energy-management technology and energy-efficient kitchen design for over 10 years, saving our clients money and overcoming power limitations of properties, ensuring that they can install the latest in energy-saving commercial kitchen equipment such as induction technology.

Our clients have proven return-on-investment (ROI) of up to 70% with clear energy savings, and these projects have seen us win multiple awards including at the ceda Grand Prix Awards and a CIBSE Building Engineering Award. To-date, we are the only commercial catering equipment company to win a CIBSE Award.

We Are Multi-Award Winning

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Energy Efficient Equipment

For over 30-years we have worked with our clients and suppliers to understand which equipment can help to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency within your kitchen.

With access to all major manufacturers, we can specify the right energy-efficient equipment to suit your operation and budget, whilst meeting energy saving credentials, such as:

  • Energy saving induction cooktops that only use power when you need it (no gas burners on all day)
  • Flexible, multi-use equipment such as the Rational iVario, that means you have fewer pieces of equipment to run and maintain
  • Combined warewashing solutions that can clean pots, pans, utensils, plates and even glass, saving on endless scrubbing and water usage.

As well as energy and operational efficient kitchen equipment, we specialise in power management solutions that can reduce overall energy consumption and peak power usage. Find out more below!

The kitchen is beautiful, it’s so much brighter and cooler than before. With the amazing new ceiling and equipment, everyone wants to work in this kitchen now. I love to have people to come into the kitchen. It is a thing I am proud of.

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Jeremy Bloor, OXO Tower / Head Chef

The kitchen I have works wonderfully well, the quality is amazing. The key to a good restaurant is to retain your staff. There is no question that this new kitchen will help towards this aim. My kitchen staff are a very happy bunch.

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Nick Segal, Frederick's / Owner

Our Energy Management Solutions

For over 10-years we have provided commercial kitchen energy-management solutions, helping our clients to reduce their energy consumption, save costs and improve the wellbeing of their kitchen brigade. And as an independent distributor, we are able to work with any number of suppliers to provide a technological solution that best fits your operation, venue and budget.

There are two principle solutions available within the marketplace; both of which can help reduce the connected load of your commercial kitchen equipment, whilst managing your energy consumption. These energy management solutions often provide our clients with the ability to remove gas from their kitchen entirely, even when power is considered an issue, such as in remote locations or highly populated areas in London.

This helps them to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels by removing gas from the kitchen, which in turn removes ambient heat creating a better working environment.

Not only are the solutions connected to cooking equipment, but refrigeration, warewashing and extraction, all helping to reduce energy-consumption and connected load within the commercial kitchen environment. Some solutions can extend to other parts of the venue, such as spas, laundries and more recently electric car charging.

All systems allow remote monitoring and fault finding, including temperature monitoring, HACCP logging and analytics.

Our commercial kitchen energy management solutions can help save between 40% and 75% in energy costs and consumption, increasing commercial kitchen efficiency.

Benefits of our commercial kitchen energy management solutions:

  • Enhances performance and lowers energy consumption
  • Reduce total connected load requirement, ideal where power supply is an issue
  • Eliminates the use of gas, helping reduce fossil fuel usage and reliance on air changes, and gas interlocks
  • Helps to reduce temperature, humidity output and cooking times
  • Automatic registration of cooking and refrigeration temperatures
  • Remote troubleshooting and configuration via the web portal to allow faults to be diagnosed before they develop
  • All kitchen appliances are monitored 24/7 to reduce breakdowns
  • Can work with virtually all major manufacturers across the entire hospitality venue
Commercial Kitchen Energy Management System Dashboard

Our Energy-Efficient Commercial Kitchen Projects...

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