Why is my catering equipment going up in price?

Rise in Raw Materials

It is no surprise to anyone in the hospitality industry that commercial catering equipment is rising in price like other products in society that we buy or use. This is also coupled with longer than usual lead times on new equipment and spares due to the ongoing supply chain disruption from COVID!

Stainless steel has risen by 39% in price, and other raw materials that go into manufacturing catering equipment have also increased. A few examples include:

  • Nickel has risen by 169%
  • Aluminium has increased by 35%
  • PCB electronics have increased by 15%.

Along with the increase in raw materials, manufacturers are also still facing global supply chain issues and staff shortages.

Our supplier William’s Refrigeration produced a detailed infographic breaking down the components that go into making their refrigeration and their price increases (all from various reputable sources). Whilst this is only illustrating the materials and products used in commercial refrigeration products, many of these raw materials are included in other catering equipment, so is an excellent guide to help understand why prices are increasing.

Whilst we try and protect our customers as much as possible when it comes to catering equipment price increases, often they are so high it means that we, unfortunately, do have to pass these on. We are continually working with our suppliers and seeking alternative products to ensure we remain as competitive as possible, offering you the best value possible.

Due to the price volatility (prices can change daily) it’s important that you place orders with us for any outstanding quotations you may have to secure prices. Once you place your order, we can ensure we secure this pricing with our manufacturers. It’s therefore important you try and limit delays in any purchasing decisions.

If you have any further queries or concerns about any outstanding quotes and price increases, please contact us on 01920 877007 or speak to your TAG contact.

Williams Refrigeration Infographic
Williams Refrigeration Infographic