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TAG Catering Equipment UK Ltd specialise in tailored kitchen, front-of-house and bar solutions across the entire hospitality sector. Due to our unique, client-focused approach, we pride ourselves on our diversity of working with organisations throughout the industry, from street food pop-up restaurants to independent, local eateries to Michelin-starred restaurants & five-star hotels.

A depth of technical knowledge and experience gained since 1988 is the foundation behind our work. From design and sales to installation and aftercare with our highly trained service and maintenance catering engineers, any new project or repair is possible.


We understand the importance of design in a uniquely challenging industry and our progressive work and ideals are evident in our multi-award-winning projects. Using the latest CAD software, we offer in-house 3D renders and modelling to enable the full details of the project to be realised with our customers at all stages of the design.

We know how crucial the ergonomics of your kitchen are to your service and how the kitchen design is a significant contributor to your efficiency and brigade well-being.

We will work with you to design a solution that meets all of your operational needs whilst keeping a focus on sustainability and environmental impact. Contact us to book a complimentary design consultation.

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Sales & Install

We are able to offer you a vast range of commercial catering equipment from small handheld appliances, to heavy-duty units, full cooking suites and bespoke manufacturing of stainless steel fabrication. All on a turnkey basis including site-survey and installation of gas or electrical services.

We remain proudly independent, so we can source the foodservice equipment you require from any manufacturer, that wholly meets your individual needs, regardless of budget.

All of our equipment is supplied with a full manufacturer warranty and installed to exacting professional standards, with subsequent commissioning and training. This all gives you peace of mind that the equipment installed is safe and fit for purpose.

What’s more our in-house catering equipment engineers are able to service all of your kitchen equipment, ensuring efficient use preventing breakdowns, all whilst maintaining the manufacturer warranty, ensuring a quick response within 2 to 24 hours.

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

Equipment downtime and engineer attendance can impact your service. That’s why our engineers start at 5am, ensuring we can attend before your kitchen service starts.

Our fully trained catering equipment engineers have the back-up of a dedicated service desk & manufacturer technical support. We use the latest service software delivered straight to modern PDA’s and live tracking, to ensure the efficient despatch of the appropriate engineer to you.

With over 50 years collective experience servicing the foodservice industry we are experts in a full range of catering equipment including induction and bespoke cooking equipment.

Partnerships with hundreds of European and global parts and equipment suppliers enables us to carry out first-time repairs and minimise downtime.

We hold an extensive range of manufacturers parts on our vans, in-stock at our Stevenage warehouse and the latest smart locker system meaning we can get parts to the Inner-M25 and London within 20 minutes.

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I wanted to thank you for a wonderful kitchen, having now had a couple of days to play in it, the design is absolutely fantastic and works really well, far better than I could have imagined. The range of catering equipment offers superb engineering and so easy to clean!

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Gareth Bowen, Shangri-La Hotel / Executive Chef

The kitchen is beautiful, it’s so much brighter and cooler than before with so many new useful features. With the amazing new ceiling and equipment, everyone wants to work in this kitchen now. It was a great experience working with a company that offered me catering equipment from all the major manufacturers in one place. I love to have people to come into the kitchen. It is a thing I am proud of.

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Jeremy Bloor, OXO Tower / Head Chef

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FAQs on Commercial Kitchen Services

What are commercial kitchen services?

Commercial kitchen services refer to specialised solutions designed to cater to the unique needs of restaurants, hotels, and other food establishments, including installations, maintenance, and repair.

What types of commercial kitchen equipment do your services cover?

Our commercial kitchen equipment services typically cover a wide range of equipment, including ovens, refrigeration equipment, grills, fryers, freezers, dishwashers, ice machines, and ventilation systems. We do not cover air conditioning repair, kitchen heating or repairing exhaust fans or filters.

Why is regular maintenance and servicing important for commercial kitchens?

Regular maintenance of your cooking equipment helps ensure the smooth functioning of kitchen equipment, reduces the risk of breakdowns, and maintains a safe and efficient kitchen environment.

What should I consider when scheduling service appointments?

Factors to consider include the urgency of the issue, the location of your site, TAG’s availability, and whether the service may disrupt your kitchen operations. As well as a broad outline of the cooking equipment you will require repairing or servicing. Contact us and we can discuss an appointment time and date that works for your company.

Can commercial kitchen services help with energy efficiency?

Yes, we offer energy-efficient equipment solutions and can suggest strategies to reduce energy consumption in your kitchen. We offer a huge range of commercial cooking equipment that is ECO friendly.

Are there any benefits of entering into a maintenance contract with a commercial kitchen service provider?

Our maintenance contracts offer regular inspections, preventive care, and priority service for your business. Helping you extend the lifespan of your commercial cooking equipment and minimise unexpected repairs.

Do commercial kitchen suppliers offer customised commercial cooking solutions?

Yes, we offer tailored solutions to address the specific needs and requirements of your kitchen and business, ensuring optimal functionality. When it comes to choosing your commercial catering equipment, you can browse a wide range of options, all sourced from our leading supplier, leading brands and leading manufacturers. We only source our commercial cooking equipment from leading manufacturers ensuring that our commercial kitchens are built with the best.

Can you assist with kitchen design and layout?

We offer design and layout consulting services to help you optimise the flow and efficiency of your kitchen. Contact us today to begin discussing the design of your kitchen, whether it is for a restaurant, hotel or unique to your business model.

What is the difference between commercial catering equipment and commercial cooking equipment?

Commercial catering equipment would be anything required for running a catering business, including cooking, serving, and bar supplies. Commercial cooking equipment specifically refers to appliances and tools used for preparing food in a professional kitchen.