Commercial Kitchen Waste Management

Food waste is expensive! Even with the best menu and production planning, there is always food waste that does not go anywhere, except in the bin! And food waste is becoming more of an issue in the commercial kitchen and catering industry. It is estimated that annually, restaurants generate an estimated 200,000 tonnes of food waste!

With the government planning to reduce food waste by 20% by 2025, The Environmental Act has now committed to eliminating food waste altogether from landfill by 2030.

The New 2023 Waste Segregation Legislation

The Environmental Act 2021, which was passed in November 2021, is aimed at reducing plastic use, having a clearer labelling system and have separate food waste collections.

As of 2023, one key area of the Environmental Act for any commercial kitchen operator surrounds separate food waste collections. This will be a crucial area of change for the hospitality industry. Businesses will now be required to separate their food waste from their general waste and have it collected separately.

Therefore, it will be crucial to limit the amount of food waste produced either from preparation and the cooking process or from diners’ plates!

Solutions do exist, which can reduce the size of your food waste collections. One example is by dehydrating the food waste and compacting its size; this means you might only need one small domestic-sized wheelie bin collection per week as opposed to a larger 1100 litre “Biffa bin” style.

We’ve explored your options below to help with your commercial kitchen waste management. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Image by Biffa 2022

We can help manage your waste management and FOGs!

Did you know Biodigesters are being phased out?

It is likely that biodigesters and water-to-waste practices will no longer be compliant with new legislation, although this is not 100% clear (watch this space for updates!). Asking water treatment companies to provide you with your required quota is never a bad idea. 

This means that if you currently dispose of your food waste via a digester, waste-to-water system, or a traditional macerator, then you may need to re-assess your commercial kitchen food waste management. The below solutions might help!

Waste Management Solutions

1. Lincat IMC WasteStation

The Lincat IMC WasteStation offers operators a reliable and efficient way to remove food waste.

The IMC helps reduce the amount of food waste that would have been sent to landfill sites. It does this by removing the water trapped in the waste, which reduces the final volume of food that needs to be disposed of.

This machine can process up to 400 kg of waste per hour, which is the equivalent of 850 covers per sitting! Making it an ideal solution for medium to large operations.

By installing this machine, you can reduce your waste collection costs by a massive 80%. You are also reducing the need for staff to process and manage the waste. Meaning you have a faster and more efficient disposal of food as and when you need to.

The fully enclosed design of the WasteStation prevents food entering the unit. Helping keep the machine clean and free of waste. And following each use, the machine undertakes a quick self-rinse cycle, preventing any build-up of food.

The Lincat IMC WasteStation was also featured in Our Catering Equipment Top Picks from the 2022 Buyers’ Guide which you can read here!

Waste Management - Lincat IMC
Waste Management - GreaseShield

2. Grease Shield by EPAS Ltd

The Grease Shield can give your kitchen operational and environmental benefits!  

It can enable your business to run smoothly and dedicate more time to your customers than back of house! 

Their units automatically remove food solids, fats, oils and grease from all food waste that is trapped in water waste. Whilst traditional grease traps work with the basis of leaving separated FOGs within the unit, Grease Shield is the only pro-active grease trap to physically remove it! 

The Grease Shield also includes a Pre-Filter, this is included with all units to ensure that solids are screened and removed from the wastewater! This means you can be confident that you will not incur any costly blockage or drainage issues. 

By using waste thermal energy, Grease Shield units do not require the need for any heating elements and therefore won’t add to your energy bills! 

Because this unit is fully automatic, you can save a huge amount of time and labour needed in your kitchen. Its self-cleaning function ensures that grey water is always circulated so that it remains clean and efficient.

What’s more, many waste oil companies will pay you for the oil waste separated by the Grease Shield, further limiting the cost impact on your operation.

3. Meiko BioMaster

The BioMaster from Mieko is a clever solution for food scraps and waste generated by your operation!  

Not only can it help reduce food waste, but it can also even convert frying oil, coffee grounds and fats into an environmentally friendly biomass! Offering you an economically and ecologically solution for your kitchen. As it is suitable for most catering operations, it’s a great long-term solution.  

The benefits of this machine can cut down staffing needs and labour, offers maximum hygiene and can save you floorspace by replacing multiple bins needed to scrap pans and plates. 

Waste Management - Meiko BioMaster
Waste Management - Vito VL

4. VITO VL Oil Filtration Solutions

The VITO VL Oil Filtration helps catering operations prevent less waste oil and reduced packaging consumption.  

The Vito VL features a unique portable pressure oil filtration system which can quickly and easily clean the oil in a hygienic way. The machine features an automatic cycle, integrated tilt arm and overheating protection for added safety when in use. 

The VL is also capable of removing carbon and microparticles from the oil, also helping to reduce oil consumption by up to 50% whilst improving food quality. 

You can use this in heavy-duty fryers, as it is designed for use on fryers using 20 litres of oil or more. Plus, it can be used when the oil is hot so no need to wait until service has finished. 

The Vito VL is not only recommended by Catering insight and FEJ, but by us as it features in our Catering Equipment Top Picks from the 2022 Buyers’ Guide which you can read here! 

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As a business, it is your responsibility that your commercial kitchen meets all waste regulations. We hope this guide has made it easier for you to follow and understand what solutions can help your commercial kitchen be waste compliant!

If you require any further assistance to help make your kitchen compliant or reconfigure it to make it more efficient, please contact us below!