From single appliances to complete commercial kitchen installations...

Our specialist commercial kitchen installation teams consist of all the trades required to deliver a full turnkey project including builders, plumbers, welders and catering equipment engineers. We work closely with manufacturers, end-users and consultants, and undertake a varying range of commercial kitchen installations, from single one-off combi ovens to complete hotel banquet commercial kitchens. Don’t need installation? We can work with you on a supply-only basis.

Our industry expertise, extensive supply chain and independent nature ensure that TAG has access to all manufacturers and types of equipment so that we can specify the perfect installation solution for your project and budget. From the brief and your desired menu, we can produce full detailed specifications for complete kitchen installation projects or bespoke equipment.

We are frequently asked to install bespoke ranges for consultant-led schemes that are in difficult locations, such as those with restricted access, on the 52nd floor of skyscrapers or in basements. Difficult or non-standard commercial kitchen installations are something we have extensive experience in delivering.

Whatever your commercial kitchen installation requirement, whether a bespoke theatre-led restaurant design or the top floor of a skyscraper, we have the experience and expertise to deliver your kitchen installation efficiently and safely.

One-off units can be provided on a supply-only or supply-and-install basis. If you know what you require, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you on an installation scheme.

Just some of the brands we can supply and install...

Rational | Hoshizaki Gram | Meiko | Foster | Granuldisk | DeManincor | Lincat | Charvet | Carpigiani | Adande | Unox

Design to Installation

Working with you can start with a complimentary consultation taking into account everything from your operation, menu and project budget through to site restrictions and your views on aesthetics.

We will be happy to discuss the correct installation solution, so simply contact us to discuss your brief.

We would like to thank you and the Team at TAG for your help and support in managing this complex project. There were lots of changes before and during, not to mention the problems with the building itself. TAG was flexible and professional throughout, helping find solutions to the various problems we encountered along the way and quickly resolving them.

The finished commercial kitchen design is an absolute pleasure to work in, me and my team couldn’t be more pleased. We would be delighted for you to bring future clients to see our facility. Thank you.

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Heros De Agostinis, Brown's Hotel / Executive Chef
Brown's Hotel Commercial Kitchen Installation
Julie's Restaurant Commercial Kitchen Installation

TAG did an outstanding job with the installation of the kitchen. Once the kitchen was completed I was thoroughly impressed with the level of workmanship and fabrication. Everything including the catering equipment exceeded my expectations. I’m incredibly happy with the kitchen.

The DeManincor range is an absolute pleasure to work on. It is very low maintenance and we have had no issues whatsoever. The kitchen has been really well designed by Tyron at TAG.

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Shay Cooper, Julie's / Chef Patron

Commercial Kitchen Installation & Project Management

Our specialist commercial kitchen design installation teams offer a full turnkey solution. Consisting of builders, welders, plumbers, electricians and catering equipment engineers we can carry out all projects relating to commercial kitchens in-house, whilst meeting the tightest deadlines and project budgets. Our experienced catering design consultants have extensive experience working with tight deadlines, which the catering sector is renowned for. Moreover, our experienced team works closely with manufacturers, end-users and consultants, to undertake all kinds of installation of commercial kitchens. The installation and project management services we offer cover:

• Demolition and building works

• Mechanical & Electrical supplies

• Adaptations of existing equipment

• Refurbishment of existing equipment

• Relocations and re-installations

• One-off installations of equipment and fabrication

• Design and Installation of complete projects

• Complex installs using cranes and lifts

OXO Tower Restaurant Kitchen Installation

The commercial kitchen installation for this project was complicated due to the timescales and location of the kitchen itself: the 8th floor of the famous OXO Tower on London’s South Bank.

Due to the timescales involved, we arranged a specialist 4-man driving team to transport the commercial catering equipment range through Europe in the fastest time possible. With cranes booked and road closure permits in place, these transport timings were vital.

All large items had to be craned onto a small roof space on the 8th floor with fragile glass panels to both sides had to be avoided; there was only 12mm to spare for landing the main commercial kitchen range!

The range was then wheeled through a small window in the restaurant. The area was so limited the range was designed with special mounts so it could be bolted to a bespoke trolley (made by TAG) for it to be wheeled in on its side through the small gap. The angle of the curve to the side of the trolley also allowed the range to be easily lowered into position; it only took 6 people to lower the 860Kg, one-piece range, into position within the restaurant kitchen.

All fabrication and equipment sit on plinths to create a fully hygienic ‘seal’ between units and the floor. To achieve this a vast amount of polishing and welding has to take place on site to complete the commercial kitchen installation.

commercial kitchen installation
commercial kitchen installation
Commercial kitchen fitters
Commercial kitchen fitters

Julie's Restaurant & Bar Basement Kitchen Installation

The commercial kitchen design and installation of the new kitchen and equipment at Julie’s was difficult and testing. TAG worked closely with the principal contractor and client to ensure that the kitchen installation was cohesive with the rest of the programme.

The lack of storage space on site meant we had to meticulously plan and coordinate all deliveries that were required on a just-in-time basis. The DeManincor suit was delivered in two sections and had to be manoeuvred down a small staircase on-site into the basement location, and welded together. All mechanical and air-conditioning plant was located on the roof, with only hatch-sized access. Therefore equipment had to be craned in. This had to be meticulously planned as road closure, and permission across residents and council property was needed.

Further challenges for this installation also included the significant planning restrictions for the building exterior and the impact this would have on any extraction installation. Therefore we designed and installed bespoke compact angles extraction induction hobs‘ hoods over the cook suite with a single extract point through the roof and a ‘zig-zag’ ducting system. This gave excellent functionality whilst also saving space within the kitchen but most crucially being discreet on the exterior of the building to comply with planning requirements.

Overall, the installation of this commercial kitchen was challenging due to the significant refurbishment programme, compact basement location and strict planning restrictions.

Commercial kitchen fitters
Commercial kitchen fitters
Commercial Kitchen Installation
Commercial kitchen fitters

Commercial Catering Equipment Installation & Sales

Purchasing food service equipment through us can either be part of a complete installation or as a one-off appliance purchase. Whatever the reason you need to install new catering equipment you can spread the cost with our leasing and finance packages.

Leasing and finance can include a single appliance such as a new Rational iCombi Pro or a complete commercial kitchens, including design fees, labour and training. There are a number of benefits to leasing, including:

  • 100% tax allowable so you can offset against your taxable profits
  • Increase profitability and credit lines by maintaining working capital to invest elsewhere
  • Always get the latest equipment, replacing at the end of the term
  • Easy budgeting with one fixed monthly payment

From just £125 + VAT per month!

Rational iCombi Pro Finance & Leasing
Rational iCombi Pro Electric 6-Grid

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