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Since our foundation in 1988, quality, flexibility, and innovation have been the core values at the heart of our company. These have allowed us to use advanced design and technological solutions to help reduce our clients’ operational costs and meet the demands of the changing hospitality landscape.

As well as helping our clients to become more efficient, reduce energy consumption and their use of natural resources, we are also focusing ourselves on becoming a more responsible business to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our sustainability roadmap covers all operations of the business, helping us to take responsibility, reduce our carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Our strategy also ties in with contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, hoping to make a positive impact and lead the way within the industry.

Our Mission

To lead sustainability in our industry by pioneering efficient kitchen solutions.

Our Sustainability Roadmap

TAG Sustainability Roadmap - September 2023

Example Client Energy and CO2 Savings

For every major project we deliver, we provide our clients with financial, energy, and CO2 emission return-on-investment information. This is to help illustrate the financial and environmental impact their new kitchen could have. Below is one such example of savings a client has made.

An estimated

total savings over 10 years.

An estimated

1,213 kWh
saved per day.

An estimated

97 Tonnes
CO2 saved per year.

Based on induction, energy management and remote refrigeration systems!

£ Savings Icon

This is equivalent to the average consumption of 152 homes using 8 kWh of electricity per day!

kWh Savings

This is the equivalent to 7.6 cars driving 23,000 miles each (that’s once around the world!)

Carbon Savings

Our Energy-Efficient Commercial Kitchen Projects...

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