Most Innovative Catering Equipment Your Kitchen Needs in 2020

When it comes to choosing your commercial catering equipment, it can be a daunting process to sift through the new modern ranges of professional ovens, refrigerators and cooking systems. Whilst they all have their own unique benefits, what may be perfect for one commercial kitchen could fall short of delivering the required level of service for another.

Ultimately, the aim will be to choose the correct equipment in order to increase productivity and efficiency in the kitchen in a sustainable way.

So we’ve put together our top picks of the most innovative equipment that every commercial kitchen requires to stay up to date with technology, be cost-effective and super productive while also providing a comfortable working environment for staff and producing high quality, outstanding food for customers.

Some have just been released in 2020 like the Rational iCombi Pro XS and iVario, whilst others have been around for longer, such as the Carpigiani Freeze & Go, but are still must-haves for 2020!

Synergy Chargrill Oven

With its sleek design and low energy consumption, the Synergy Chargrill Oven combines an optimum oven and grill cooking for multiple uses. Available in three different sizes with the choice of single and double cooking areas, its high power, award-winning technology also means that food can be prepared faster with less gas used.

It cuts gas consumption by a further 20-30% compared to a standard Synergy Grill (already just 59%).

Its clever fat-atomising function produces no fat residue, so gone is the need for a fat tray and no extra cleaning at the end of a busy service either.

It has been accredited for its sustainability by the Carbon Trust and won a prestigious green Footprint Award. From high-end fine dining to fast food, this is a must-have piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen.

Models Available: CGO630 Range, CGO900D Range, CGO900 Dual

Synergy CGO630 Chargrill Oven

Rational iVario 2-XS

Brand new for 2020 is the  Rational iVario 2-XS where power and precision whilst utilising minimal space come together. Its modern design and multifunctional usability easily outstrip conventional cooking methods with boiling, frying and deep-frying all possible at the same time and with ultimate results. As Rational describes, “For different temperatures, for different food products, for different times.”

Great for time-saving, it cooks quickly, cleanly and perfectly and with its intelligent control panel, all you need to do is programme your cooking time and leave it to do the work for you. It cooks 4-times as fast whilst using 40% less energy.

Suitable for gourmet, fine-dining restaurants to American diners, this multipurpose unit is a vital piece of catering equipment for commercial kitchens looking to save space and maximise output. Its predecessor, the Rational VarioCookingCenter®  (Rational VCC) was a key piece of space-saving equipment that we recommended when we undertook the kitchen refit at the OXO Tower in London.

The new iVario range is the new performance class.

Models Available: iVario 2-XS, Pro 2-S, Pro L, Pro XL

Rational iCombi Pro XS

Brand new for 2020 from Rational is the iCombi Pro range and if your commercial kitchen space is on the smaller side, the iCombi Pro XS will be your perfect catering partner.

With the capacity to fry, roast, grill, bake, steam and poach, it’s a vital piece of kitchen equipment if you’re working in a compact space such as a café, small canteen or bar kitchen in a larger hotel. It is so compact, it can be mounted on a shelf above your cook suite or range, for optimum accessibility and space-saving.

Couple that the new iDensityControl, iCookingSuite, iProductionManager and iCareSystem technology, it takes the stress out of delivering food from a comprehensive menu with dishes requiring different cooking methods and times.

According to Rational, “The iCombi Pro does not only cook intelligently but also saves intelligently: As such it uses 18 %* less energy, reduces your cost of goods by up to 15 %* and requires more than 40 %* less working time.”

It’s everything you need from a Rational Combi but smaller and offers the same efficiency benefits making it a more practical choice if you’re working with fewer covers and a smaller budget.

* Compared to pre-2016 combi-steamers.

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Carpigiani Freeze & Go

Offering authentic artisan gelato in just three steps, the Carpigiani Freeze & Go is an example of Italian heritage design and technology at its best.

This innovative little machine is a space-saving, gelato-making genius and two years after winning a gold medal at the Commercial Kitchen Show Innovation Challenge, it is still delighting chefs and diners across the globe with its quirky look and hi-tech features.

Ideal for countertops at front-of-house or sitting proudly in theatre kitchens, its almost silent workings allow it to produce up to 5kg of gelato per hour with low maintenance and easy cleaning as added benefits.

Models Available: Freeze & Go, Labo 6/9 XPL P, Labo 8/12 XPL P

Carpigiani Freeze & Go

Unox EVEREO® Service Temperature Food Preserver

The Unox EVEREO® is a remarkable piece of equipment offering a solution to keeping food at the optimal temperature without the need to reheat before serving to your customers.

The unique EVEREO® technology you can save 10+ minutes per dish from traditional Cook-Chill-Regeneration methods.

A compact unit with a capacity to hold up to 240 portions, it is ideal for holding hot food for large events and in banqueting environments where there is high volume catering. However, it has applications in the fine-dining arena and is endorsed by Chef Iside De Cesare from the 1 Michelin Star La Parolina.

Offering three different sizes of unit, this revolutionary new technology is set to transform the way that large kitchens operate in the future.

Models Available: EVEREO CUBE 10 460×330, EVEREO 600 10 GN1/1, EVEREO 900 10 GN1/1

EVEREO 600 10 GN1/1

Halton’s M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Controlled Ventilation

Raising the bar in commercial kitchen ventilation is Halton’s M.A.R.V.E.L Demand Controlled Ventilation system which saves energy and reduces airflow rates.

It’s the only system able to adjust the exhaust airflow rates hood by hood or area by area for a ventilated ceiling with a reduction of up to 64% in exhaust airflow rates.

This not only ensures that your kitchen maintains the ideal temperature, allowing staff to work comfortably, it also uses groundbreaking smart technology which enables the airflow rates to alter according to the ambient temperature.

This gives way to cooler working conditions, and also has a significant impact on energy consumption, ultimately resulting in lower costs.

Models Available: Completely bespoke, contact us to find out more.

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DeManincor refrigeration & Total Control System-TCS®

For optimum refrigeration performance, DeManincor refrigeration is designed to work with the state-of-the-art Total Control System-TCS®.

The TCS system provides remote control and diagnostics of appliances within the kitchen, often enabling fixes and adjustments to be made without any engineer visit. The system also enables power caps and parameters to be set for the entire kitchen. This helps with kitchens that have limited power availability and can improve overall energy efficiency by up to 75%!

There is a system of alerts and alarms which the operator can customise. For example, if a fridge must be set at 2°C, alerts can be set for more than 6°C or less than -3°C. These checks which would normally be carried out onsite can be carried out remotely!

Options include refrigerated counter tables, wall cupboards, cook suite drawers all with a choice of stainless steel doors with glass or without plus Porcelain-finish enamel for ultimate customisation to fit with the aesthetics of the kitchen and restaurant space.

Models Available: Completely bespoke, contact us to find out more.

DeManincor Total Control System - TCS

Evogro Plant Growing System

This neat plant growing system from Evogro gives chefs the opportunity to really go green by growing their own herbs on site.

No need for deliveries which cost the business and the planet, this solution is great for sustainability providing high-tech innovation for the green-fingered chef. If yours is a restaurant with a green conscience, this is for you. The unique growing cabinets are powered by LED lighting and hydroponics and are an eye-catching, dramatic addition to front-of-house or in a theatre-style kitchen.

Whilst not all of this equipment will be necessary for every kitchen, what is certain is that each piece comes with super modern design and the very latest technology to make life easier for chefs and their teams in all types of commercial kitchens. With the provision of a well designed and well-equipped kitchen and correct thought given to their required equipment, they will be able to work effectively and prepare the best quality food possible.

Models Available: Completely bespoke, contact us to find out more.

Evogro Plant Growing System

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