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High-quality commercial kitchen lighting is essential for the smooth running of your kitchen. Chefs must be able to see what they’re doing in order to be able to create the dishes your restaurant is renowned for, plus it can help with chef wellbeing, helping to replicate natural light during those long shifts.

If your commercial kitchen is in full view of your diners, it is even more important to maintain your lighting system. It is an integral part of the overall ambience of your restaurant, and it will create a poor impression if your diners notice any broken lights.

With a lack of sunlight being linked with mental health disorders (Healthline), it’s important that as much natural light as possible is entering the kitchen. A study by Nestle on the well-being of commercial kitchen workers cited that 41% of those taking part in the study said that the lack of natural light was negatively affecting their well-being. However, in many cases, getting natural light into the kitchen can be a difficult task due to the structural constraints of the restaurant or building. In these cases, it’s important that high-quality lighting is used. This can help reduce the risk of mental health issues and improve performance. 

TAG’s dedicated team of skilled engineers are happy to tackle all aspects of the installation, maintenance and repair of commercial kitchen lighting. Our service operates seven days a week, from 5 am each day, for the maintenance or repair of any catering equipment, including lighting. Book your call-out in advance to ensure repairs take place with minimal disruption to service. Sign up to our online Customer Management System that will enable you to book call-outs for repairs and routine maintenance at a time that’s convenient for you.

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Established in 1988, TAG Catering Equipment UK Ltd focuses on delivering design and maintenance services for commercial kitchens in hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars across the UK. 

Our commercial kitchen designs and projects have won us many accolades, including CEDA Grand Prix Awards and Catering Insight Awards. 

Our clients range from small independent businesses to five-star hotels. We also provide servicing and routine maintenance services to ensure your commercial kitchen is safe and to keep your business running. 

Our in-house designers continually research the market for new design ideas that incorporate commercial kitchen lighting products. Direct relationships with many of our suppliers enable us to provide bespoke designs, whilst ensuring optimum sustainability and longevity. All our commercial kitchen lighting systems are supplied with a full manufacturer warranty and installed to exacting professional standards.

We would like to thank you and the Team at TAG for your help and support in managing this complex project. There were lots of changes before and during, not to mention the problems with the building itself. TAG were flexible and professional throughout, helping find solutions to the various problems we encountered along the way and quickly resolving them.

There were multiple changes to the layout, right up to strip out, TAG were so accommodating, they liaised fully with the manufacturers and Heinz Beck, going that extra mile to ensure the layout was exactly right. The finished kitchen is an absolute pleasure to work in, me and my team couldn’t be more pleased. We would be delighted for you to bring future clients to see our facility. Thank you.

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Heros De Agostinis, Brown's Hotel / Executive Chef

Not only have we saved on energy by changing over to Induction, but the flow through this busy kitchen, has made both delivering service to a busy banqueting operation and preparing meals for 300 staff on a daily basis, a lot more user-friendly.

As well as decreasing the overall heat load, to make the kitchen a more comfortable place to work, it has increased the overall staff satisfaction with regards to working conditions.

All of this would not have been possible without the professional support and commitment, from design concept, product selection, installation and final handover, if it were not down to the TAG team and their commitment to deliver 5 Star quality.

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Warren Lavender, Rosewood / Area Director of Engineering

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