Our Catering Equipment Top Picks from the 2022 Buyers’ Guide 

In this blog, we will share our catering equipment top picks for:

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Our Recommendations: Refrigeration for Maximum Energy Efficiency

Foster EcoPro G3 Cabinet

Built with energy efficiency, food safety and hygiene in mind, the G3 range is Fosters best performing refrigeration yet!

Foster Shield provides accurate temperature control and with its hygienic design, it gives you protection from the dangers of unsafe food storage.

Their cabinet features PureControl, which uses pure LEDs, meaning it achieves a higher resolution, all while using less power! Air distribution is optimised by CFD design technology, helping to ensure efficiency, even if all the shelves are fully loaded. This all helps to give this refrigerated cabinet an A-grade energy rating!

As a standard feature, the G3 comes with four shelves! Holding more than the conventional fridge. Unlike the G2, which came with three.

WE ALSO LOVE: Adande Undercounter Drawers

Adande undercounter drawers are ideal for positioning beneath food preparation worktops and cook suites for in-service storage and seamless cooking.

These units can provide bulk storage capacity, boasting up to 86L per standard drawer, due to their intelligent ergonomic design!

Compared to other refrigeration on the market, Adande’s refrigeration has an A+ energy rating. Allowing you greater energy savings and the option to run up to three drawers on a single 3-pin plug.

The unique and patented ‘hold the cold’ technology ensures that the chilled air does not escape from the drawer whilst the unit is open, helping to reduce energy loss. Matched with a stable temperature, this can help to reduce food waste and increase your operation’s profit.

Foster EcoPro G3 Cabinet
Foster EcoPro G3 Cabinet
Adande Undercounter Drawers
Adande Undercounter Drawers

WE ALSO LOVE: Cooking Ranges

DeManincor Electric Range

DeManincor professional kitchen ranges provide every customer with a complete tailor-made cooking solution.

These ranges are very technological, well equipped and built with ergonomics in mind.

Electronic temperature control helps you reduce heating and working times accurately. From any 10” digital control panel which is visible at eye level, and even from your mobile phone, you can monitor the different zones and functions of the cooking range.

Electronic components are managed by TCS-Total Control System, for a significant reduction of energy consumption.

DeManincor Bespoke Range
DeManincor Bespoke Range

Electrolux Thermaline M2M

The Thermaline Made to Measure is Electrolux’s premium cooking range, created to offer every chef professional technology and sleek kitchen design.

Both the Thermaline 80 and 90 are built on a strong internal frame which is resistant to bumps and corrosion. All the appliances are designed to reduce water use, energy consumption and environmental emissions.

Check out our latest project where we designed and installed a Thermaline cook range.

Electrolux Thermaline M2M
Electrolux Thermaline M2M

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Our Recommendations: Cooking Equipment for Maximum Productivity

Rational iVario Pro

The Rational iVario “bratt pan” is the ideal cooking solution for saving space and for maximum productivity.

The innovative technology combines power with precision, which results in flexible cooking. It can boil, shallow fry, deep fry, and cook in large batches even overnight! The patented heating system delivers up to 94% energy efficiency with quick and precise power control.

The iVario Pro is more energy efficient and helps to reduce water bills, providing savings of 40% on energy and 70% on water compared to more traditional cooking methods.

This machine has also helps to set more ergonomic standards in the kitchen, by minimising operator lifting, avoiding incorrect posture, bending and protecting from burns.


The EVEREO from Unox is the first hot fridge, a state-of-the-art food preservation system which features the latest in catering equipment technology.

The EVEREO can hold dishes above the temperature where bacteria thrive, whilst maintaining the quality, texture, and taste, all guaranteeing safety and support to busy kitchens.

When used in conjunction with Unox MULTI.day bags and trays, you can serve the right portion at the point of order, reducing wait times and reducing food waste.

It also offers the option to hold pre-prepared dishes, preserving it for up to 72 hours. It’s the perfect solution for busy environments such as airports kitchens, or overnight food service such as room service, reducing the need for a dedicated chef.

Rational iVario Pro
Rational iVario Pro
Unox EVEREO 600
Unox EVEREO 600

Valentine EVO2200 Turbo Computer Lift & Pump Fryer

Valentines Evolution services is a simple, reliable and consistent range of fryers from this leading fryer manufacturer that can easily fit into any type of commercial kitchen. 

The EVO2200 is the flagship model in the range and comes complete with password-protected cooking programs, pumped oil filtration and an automatic basket lift to prevent overcooked food.

This machine has an oil capacity of 8 litres per tank and has a combined output of up to 64 kg. This fryer can be fitted into any cookline, or be used as a standalone appliance.

The design of these fryers also promotes a reduced cool zone to ensure energy efficiency and a high output-to-oil ratio.

Ideal for any commercial kitchen environment, the Evolution series has a high output, ideal when cooking significant quantities of the same foods such as chips.

WE ALSO LOVE: Giorik ST40 Hi-Touch Salamander

The Electric Hi-Touch Salamander takes the technology one step further than before!

This appliance has a choice of three different operating modes. COOK, for cooking food according to the timer settings. HOLD, to maintain your dish at a stable temperature between 40 to 70 degrees. PROGRAM, cooks and maintains food at the set temperature, which can be stored in the memory of the appliance.

Being electric, the Hi-Touch heating elements can be used in two different combinations, either all the elements or just the central ones. When in use at maximum heat, the central elements are electronically regulated in alternating modes to guarantee even cooking and avoid overheating.

The salamander also delivers measurable cost savings and optimises productivity. Resulting in up to 79% energy savings, reduced cleaning and maintenance time, and less heat loss to the environment compared to traditional gas salamanders.

Valentine EVO2200 Turbo Computer Lift & Pump Fryer
Valentine EVO2200
Giorik ST40 Hi-Touch Electric Rise & Fall Salamander Grill
Giorik ST40 HiTouch Rise & Fall Salamander Grill


The SPEED.PRO is a convection and rapid cook oven in one! The added benefit of the SPEED.PRO is that you can cook multiple products at one time; speeding up your service and increasing efficiency.

Combining the power of convection, the speed of a microwave, and the accuracy of conduction. Resulting in a spacious baking chamber, with double-speed fans, it can deliver consistency in baked goods in the shortest time possible.

The oven is capable of 27 croissants and 45 soft rolls in 16 minutes, to 36 Danish pastries in 20 minutes.

Controlled using an intelligent touchscreen, SPEED.PRO allows you to complete a number of cooking cycles quickly and easily!


Want to invest in energy-efficient equipment?

Our Recommendations: Food Waste Management

Vito VL Oil Filter

With the price of oil rising by as much as 140% in the past few months alone, it is key to invest in technologies that help to extend the life of your cooking oils. 

The Vito VL features a unique portable pressure oil filtration system which can quickly and easily clean the oil in a hygienic way. The machine features an automatic cycle, integrated tilt arm and overheating protection for added safety when in use.

The VL is also capable of removing carbon and microparticles from the oil, also helping to reduce oil consumption by up to 50% whilst improving food quality.

You can use this in heavy-duty fryers, as it is designed for use on fryers using 20 litres of oil or more. Plus it can be used when the oil is hot so no need to wait until service has finished.

Vito VL Oil Filter
Vito VL Oil Filter

Lincat IMC WasteStation Compact

Lincat’s WasteStation is designed to reduce food waste volume!

The WasteStation Compact will reduce waste collection costs by up to 80% as well as reduce your operation’s carbon footprint. Due to the way it compacts food waste, you will be able to reduce your waste collections from five wheelie bins to one, for example.

At 900 mm high, 600 mm wide and 700 mm deep, this machine is no larger than the standard under-counter fridge, so the space required should not impact on your operation and will help reduce the time your staff spend processing and managing food waste.

It is able to process 850 covers per hour, making it ideal for small to medium-sized operations.

It is even supplied with a full waste audit, site survey, full training and a two-year warranty.

Lincat IMC WasteStation Compact
Lincat IMC WasteStation Compact

Our Recommendations: Sleek & Efficient Beverage Systems

Marco MIX Water Boiler

The Marco MIX was the first water boiler on the market to deliver hot water at three different temperatures from one single machine.

It is designed with a heat-retaining, vacuum insulated tank that keeps the water at a consistent temperature, helping to make it 66% more energy efficient compared to others on the market.

The sleek design of the tap makes this ideal for self-service counters because it takes up minimal space, features LED lighting and is finished in premium brushed metal.

BUT…you could upgrade to the Marco FRIIA!

The FRIIA combines the hot water technology from the MIX with cold water and sparking water systems. It is easy to install and only has an additional tank containing an aluminium block for the cold and sparkling water.

Marcos FRIIA is 23% more energy efficient than others on the market too!

Marco MIX Water Boiler
Marco MIX Water Boiler

Our Recommendations: The Unsung Heroes’ of Warewashing

Meiko Bottle Washer

Washing reusable bottles are becoming the new sustainable normal and Meiko’s bottle washer can wash 16 at a time! It’s the first dedicated basket that connects to the wash arm with each bottle being washed directly/individually; it’s more than just a bottle holder basket!

It adds the capability to an M-iClean under counter, making them a future-proof choice for customers looking at new dishwashing products.

Mieko’s large-scale takeaway cup and container washing machines are aimed at anyone from hire companies to caterers who need to wash thousands of reusable cups and containers.

To ensure Meiko-quality hygiene, the machines are tuned to handle cups and takeaway plastic ware. The most important function is in drying. Vibration sections ensure water droplets are shaken off the cups so they can be stacked straightaway without getting mouldy or compromising hygiene.

WE ALSO LOVE: Granuldisk X2 Lean Wash Center

The X2 Lean Wash Center marks a new era for Granuldisk! This is their first pot wash machine that does not use the famous granule technology. Instead, the X2 uses a dual-pump water-only system enabling operators to wash crockery, glasses, cutlery and pots and pans, with minimal pre-washing or scrubbing.

The X2 is designed to achieve clean and sanitised wash results by utilising two pumps: one low-pressure pump for traditional dishwashing and a high-pressure pump with patent-pending wash arm technology and a specifically designed cookware basket to clean pots, pans, and utensils.

The machine uses the same footprint as a traditional hooded dishwasher whilst performing two functions, saving operators space and capital outlay.

The machine is also said to boast the same efficiency and sustainability credentials of other Granuldisk machines, saving water, energy, chemical and labour costs.

Meiko Bottle Washer
Meiko Bottle Washer
Granuldisk X2 Lean Wash Center
Granuldisk X2 Lean Wash Center

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There we have it. Our catering equipment top picks from the FEJ & Catering Insight Buyers’ Guide 2022!

We’ve summarised the equipment from each section that we think is the best for most commercial kitchen environments. Of course, there are many different commercial kitchen operations that have different needs all depending on size, budget and menu!

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