The Importance of Service & Maintenance

commercial kitchen servicing and maintenance

Every catering operator should be aware that carrying out a thorough clean of equipment is essential in ensuring that it is operating correctly and performing to its maximum potential.

If a commercial kitchen does not receive the regular equipment servicing, this could lead to breakdowns or even worse, health and safety issues causing the workplace to become unsafe for staff.

Equipment may also take longer to cook foods due to the fat and oil blocking pilots and burners, and may also become difficult to access due to long periods of time being stuck down in the same place by dirt or grease.

An example of poor servicing we have found with a recent project of ours was with a restaurant in London, with the lack of servicing and care in the kitchen meaning that all flames were burning yellow, emitting lethal carbon monoxide into the chef’s working space.

This was also coupled with the natural gas leaking from multiple areas of pipework, across a range of appliances, which significantly reduced productivity within the kitchen and presented a highly un-safe working practice.

As well as this, open burners and gas salamanders were also operating on just half the capacity as servicing had not taken place.

Upon starting work on this project, our service team meticulously deep cleaned each appliance using high quality cleaning detergents and carried out a tightness test, to ensure that there were no faults within the equipment.

After the team had carried out a full service, staff found that the equipment was operating much better than before, with cooking times being halved.

Our team also replaced the pipework, which will increase the longevity of the range considerably meaning that equipment will not need to be replaced in the future.

The working environment had also improved drastically, with staff being much more productive and the team generally being much happier.

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