Announcing the Launch of our new Customer Management System

Following significant investment since early 2021, we are delighted to announce that on 7th December 2021, we will launch our new, cloud-based customer management system.

The customer management system marks a new era for TAG Catering Equipment and our group of companies, including P&S Williams Refrigeration Ltd. For the first time, our system will be completely cloud-based giving greater flexibility for our teams, as well as combining our field service management and projects departments into one unified system.

Some great new features…

The system will enable us to provide you with the most efficient and transparent service for all breakdown callouts, maintenance agreements and project works. As a fully-integrated, cloud-based system, our back office, engineer tablets and client portal is the same system, giving you access to live information 24/7.

Features of the new system will include:

  • QR code labelling for assets
  • Customer portal with unique user logins
  • Online callout and quote requests
  • Full quote, callout and job tracking
  • Asset, order and invoice management
  • Much improved user interface
  • More efficient workflows.

You can find out more below with our Frequently Asked Questions.

TAG New Asset Management

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A significant change. What to know…

The upgrade to this new system is a significant change for the entire business, including Service Desk, engineers and you, our customers. We have done everything we can to minimise disruption during the transition from the old to the new system including live engineer and service desk training.

Here are a few other things we need to make you aware of:

  • We will be switching systems completely on 7th December 2021.
  • Any purchase order numbers will be carried across to the new system for continuity.
  • Not all data will be transferable but we will have the failsafe of the old system to refer to; this means not all historic data will be readily available in the customer portal.
  • The new system offers direct emailing so we can send documentation to you much more quickly, but please check your spam/junk folders just in case.
  • The documentation such as estimates, call sheets and invoices will have a fresh new look with information you need, and none that you do not.

The change of system is an exciting time for TAG Catering Equipment and we hope that you, our customers, can see the benefits that this will bring to the service we offer.

We know there will inevitably be questions so please see our FAQs below to find the answers or please use the contact form below and our dedicated implementation team will get back to you as soon as possible.

TAG Customer Management System Job Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a number of frequently asked questions and will continue to update these as they arise from our customers. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below or speak to your current account manager.

Why are you upgrading systems?

We are upgrading systems because we want to help us to provide our customers with greater clarity and more efficient service. This is not only through the customer portal that you can have access to (upon request) but also for our team to work more collaboratively.

Will anything look different?

Yes! Our Estimates, Job Cards and Invoices will look slightly different as they will use different templates. However, we will be continuing to work with our customers to get feedback to ensure they are as clear and informative as possible.

Will I notice any service change on 7th December?

We hope not! We are as prepared as possible for the transition but it is a big change for many of the team members that have used the same system for 10+ years, if not longer. Therefore please bear with us whilst we transition.

Do I have to continue logging callouts via email or telephone?

If you have access to our customer portal, you will be able to request Quotes/Estimates and Jobs (callouts) via the portal. This will immediately log the call into the system and include all the information we require, such as fault and asset information. This saves any manual transfer of information via telephone or email.

Will I have access to my quote/job/asset/invoice history?

Yes, but only for quotes or jobs that have been added to the new system. Unfortunately due to the way the two systems are structured, we are unable to migrate any old quote or job information, just basic customer information and asset details.

What will happen to any existing Estimates or Jobs?

Any existing Estimates or Jobs will continue to “live” in the old system. As Estimates are given approval or Jobs require follow-on visits, these will be put through the new system but we will identify this with appropriate notes.

What does the new Asset QR Code Labelling mean?

The new system has new Asset QR Code Labelling functionality. This means our engineers are able to scan the asset QR code with their new tablets to ensure they’re working on the correct asset, or find the asset information. It does mean we will need to re-asset our contract customer sites with our new labelling format, which will include “Parent” and “Child” asset numbering, such as P-000001 and C-000001.

What are Parent and Child assets?

Historically, one of our biggest challenges has been reporting on the overall condition of an asset, due to how we asset mark each component. By taking the opportunity to asset mark a “Parent” and “Child” asset, we are able to report on the condition and manage both. If your site has been re-asset marked, when reporting a fault, please report the C-asset number if there is one, or the P-asset number if there is both.

Is there any future development planned?

Yes, we are continually looking for ways to develop the system for the benefit of our customers. This includes detailed test readings every time an asset is attended (depending on the nature of attendance) and automated reports bespoke to your needs.

Will my data be secure?

Absolutely, we take data security extremely seriously. By using a cloud-based system, the servers are continually updated with the latest security. Furthermore, the system can only be accessed via unique user accounts and secure passwords. Our engineers are also now equipped with company-owned tablets to further protect customer data.

Can I get a demo of the new customer portal?

Yes you can. Demo’s will be available by a dedicated booking page. Simply choose a date and time that suits you. Click here to book your demo.

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