TAG Installs the First Granuldisk X2 Lean Wash Center in the UK

X2 Lean Wash Center Demo

We are the first catering equipment company in the UK to install the sustainable Granuldisk X2 Lean Wash Center following the technology’s launch in early 2022.

The new machine was fitted at Warner Leisure’s Thoresby Hall Hotel in Nottinghamshire, who have benefited from our expertise as a Granuldisk Premium Partner.

The X2 Lean Wash Center marks a new era for Granuldisk, as it is the Swedish manufacturer’s first pot wash machine that does not use granule technology. Instead, the X2 uses a dual water-only system enabling operators to wash crockery, glasses, cutlery and pots and pans, with minimal pre-washing or scrubbing.

Business development manager Mike Bradley commented:

“Warner Leisure Hotels approached us to update their existing pot washing area in the kitchen that serves Brasserie32 at Thoresby Hall.

“The existing area used a small undercounter dishwasher and sinks which were inefficient, unsustainable and costly to operate. With minimum space available, the X2 was chosen as the perfect solution for the area, providing multi-function washing in a manageable footprint.”

Jordan Paris, head chef of Brasserie32 at Thoresby Hall, reported she has already seen an improvement to the kitchen since the X2 was installed.

“The workflow of the area has significantly improved with no excessive build-up of dirty pots or pans. 

“It is so simple to use and is saving time, meaning the operator can do extra jobs whilst the machine is operating, as hand washing has all been eliminated. The machine is a great bit of kit.”

The Granuldisk X2 Lean Wash Center is designed to achieve clean and sanitised wash results by utilising two pumps: one low-pressure pump for traditional dishwashing and a high-pressure pump with patent-pending wash arm technology and a specifically designed cookware basket to clean pots, pans and utensils.

Automatic basket detection and wash mode selection makes it easy for the operator to use, reducing any risk of using the wrong wash cycle. The machine uses the same footprint as a traditional hooded dishwasher whilst performing two functions, saving operators space and capital outlay.

The machine is also said to boast the same efficiency and sustainability credentials of other Granuldisk machines, saving water, energy, chemical and labour costs.

Granuldisk X2 Lean Wash Center
Granuldisk X2 Lean Wash Center with utensil basket.

Warner’s head of property and capital investment, Stuart Billington, stated:

“Warner Leisure Hotels has 15 country and coastal hotels across the UK, and we’re seeking to reduce our carbon emissions and increase overall sustainability for the longevity of our industry.

“Investing in the latest technology that can help us achieve our sustainability goals is imperative. The X2 is the ideal solution for many of our smaller restaurant kitchens and we’ve already started to see water, chemical and labour savings.”