General Information

Project Brief.
Frederick’s is a family owned restaurant in Islington, London. The building dating from 1767 is Grade II listed and the original kitchen was over 25 years old, the refrigeration system did not work efficiently and the kitchen wasn’t coping with increased covers, was cramped, hot and impractical.

Our design brief was to specify the most technologically advanced and efficient kitchen available; a future-proof design that provided a more pleasant working environment. Our Client wanted the out-of-date refrigeration systems replaced as well as new drains, floors, plumbing and ventilation, plus a move to a totally electric kitchen… and new dishwashing  too.

Early in the design process we discovered a major problem to overcome was the power supply at only 70 Amps there wasn’t not enough power for the new electric kitchen proposed and Islington council refused to increase the supply. Solving this dilemma became a key focus. The power issue was overcome by integrating  all refrigeration, cooking and warewashing equipment  into a  De Manincor Remote Total Control Monitoring System (TCS)  capped at 70 Amp power use. The system works by  automatically adjusting  power  load, effectively ‘spreading’ the power available  to where it is needed without effecting service operation in any noticeable way.

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