The Brief

As well as having a fully functioning restaurant kitchen sharing the basement space, it was also proposed to introduce a pastry and bakery kitchen capable of producing high-quality breads and other baked goods.

To increase sustainability, the kitchen should be free from gas and be as energy-efficient as possible. To allow for dietary requirements, a key part of the A.O.K Kitchen offering, it had to be fully hygienic and easy to clean.

The fusion of briefs and numerous in-depth conversations with both the owner, and the Chefs were vital in our understanding of what was required.


Commercial Kitchen Design, Commercial Kitchen Installation, Energy Management


Marylebone, London



A.O.K Kitchen Pan View

About A.O.K Kitchen

A.O.K Kitchen founder Kelly Landesberg created an environment that is free from refined sugars and is conscious to limit its use of dairy and gluten.

It is a restaurant that offers dietary requirements as the basis of its dining experience. It “freely offers dietary requirements as the basis of their innovative, intimate and, most importantly, irresistible dining experience”.

Since opening, the kitchen has been led by Executive Chef, Konstantinos Rampias, who has been both Sous and Head Chef at various acclaimed and Michelin-starred restaurants on the central London scene.

Following its London success, A.O.K Kitchen has gone on to open in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

A.O.K DeManincor Range Around Wall
A.O.K Pastry Counter

The Solution

The footprint of the kitchen was limited, so a well-designed layout was crucial to maximise the space of the basement and ergonomics of the chefs to ensure an efficient day-to-day service.

A bespoke DeManincor induction cooking range was designed and built around the shape of the basement wall, helping to maximise space. Due to the site having extremely limited power, equipment was connected and run off DeManincor’s Total Control System-TCS®energy management system.

This system allows the equipment to be used whilst limiting total kW connected load, meaning the total connected load is never exceeded.

The TCS® system also provides remote monitoring and parameter changes to the equipment, helping to prevent breakdowns, improve equipment reliability, reduce running costs, and reduce the overall working temperature.

We also installed an advanced angled canopy containing complex vents and filters.

Maximum hygiene played a big part of the brief too. The internal of all cupboards had rounded corners helping to stop dirt traps whilst allowing for easy quick cleaning. Work surfaces were also made smooth and flush to ensure easy cleaning by chefs between services to stop contamination.

The pastry and bakery kitchen consisted of a fully bespoke marble worktop, which was fitted on top of fully sealed hygienic stainless-steel fabrication.

New equipment including remote refrigeration on an energy-efficient central pack system was installed, which helped to create 8 doors free of space in the kitchen which would have usually been for fridge compressors and vents.

A Tagliavini modular electric deck oven was installed into the kitchen which is specially designed for all kinds of pastries. Each module acts like a separate oven with its own controls and power needed for individual operation, as well as helping to control allergens.

A.O.K Pastry Counter & Deck Oven

The Outcome

The result of this project has not only hit the brief but exceeded the client’s expectations. Our detailed project management ensured a smooth installation and minimal disruption, which was extremely challenging due to the size of the kitchen and basement location.

Thanks to the energy-efficient equipment specified and energy-management system, the kitchen operates on just 82.5 kW, under the required 90+ kW.

A.O.K Bespoke DeManincor Range
A.O.K Bespoke DeManincor Range
A.O.K Bespoke DeManincor Range
A.O.K Bespoke DeManincor Range
A.O.K Wash Up Area
A.O.K Pastry Area
A.O.K Pastry Area
A.O.K Pastry Area
A.O.K Pastry Area
A.O.K Pastry Area
A.O.K Pastry Area

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