Save Costs in your Commercial kitchen

Like many operators, keeping costs low and seeing a return on investment (ROI) is more important than ever!

Commercial kitchens can require significant capital investment. The ongoing annual running costs should also not be ignored when considering the investment of a commercial kitchen! Our ROI calculations can be a useful tool to evaluate the benefits of a new commercial kitchen, taking into account the initial investment, running costs, and other efficiencies such as cleaning!

Our kitchens are designed with energy savings, efficiency, and ROI in mind! We have pioneered in using the latest technology and energy-efficient kitchen design for over 30 years. We have been able to save our clients’ money, whilst overcoming the power limitations of any property.

Real World Client ROI Example

Our Client’s five-star hotel in Hertfordshire had a full re-development of their main buffet restaurant, which included both front and back-of-house areas. TAG were appointed for the design due to the integrated crossover between restaurant and kitchen, as well as other kitchens across the estate!

Because of the style of the re-development, it required a large amount of refrigeration, which we ran on a remote pack system to help maximise energy efficiency and reduce usage. Whilst at the same time being able to offer maintenance support on a remote monitoring system.

Refrigeration Cost Savings (£) per annum

Existing costs are based on standard refrigeration using built-in individual compressors.

New running costs are based on a remote refrigeration pack system with power management system.

Existing Running Cost (£)

New Running Cost (£)

Total Savings (£)

Cooking Range Cost Savings (£) per annum

Existing cooking range running costs are based on a traditional gas and part electric cook suite.

New running costs are based on a fully electric induction cook suite with power management system.

Existing Running Cost (£)

New Running Cost (£)

Total Savings (£)

Our Clients have a proven ROI of up to 70%

To achieve maximum ROI, we design state-of-the-art commercial kitchen designs that use energy-efficient catering equipment, energy management, and intelligent remote monitoring systems. All helping to reduce your running costs and increase efficiencies.

Our energy management solutions can help save between 40% and 75% in energy costs and consumption, therefore, increasing your commercial kitchen’s ROI and sustainability. It can also reduce your total connected load requirement which is ideal where the power supply is an issue!

Not only are the solutions connected to cooking equipment, but refrigeration, warewashing and extraction, all helping to reduce energy consumption and connected load within the commercial kitchen environment.

commercial kitchen design

Not only have we saved on energy by changing over to Induction, but from a welfare perspective, the flow through this busy kitchen, has made both delivering service to a busy banqueting operation and preparing meals for 300 staff on a daily basis, a lot more user friendly!

Rosewood London / Warren Lavender, Area Director of Engineering

The new kitchen is stress-free, it’s a great piece of mind having the equipment monitoring, it allows me to see everything that’s going on remotely on my phone. The running  and cleaning costs are drastically reduced due to the quality of the installation and design.

Joe Bourahla, OXO Tower / Chief Maintenance Engineer

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