Innovative Outdoor Catering Equipment You Need

As we venture into warmer weather, it is time to get cooking with high-quality outdoor catering equipment that can produce mouth-watering dishes with the added theatre to entertain your customers! But with new innovative equipment on the market today, many chefs are going beyond the old days of grilling on a standard barbecue.

People love being outside as well as eating and drinking outside, so when you combine the two, you are offering the perfect recipe for entertainment. Take the opportunity to show off your cooking skills in front of customers and give them a reason to come back for more.

Good airflow is one of the best ways to stop Covid-19 from spreading, another key reason why outdoor dining should not be overlooked. It is key to remember that some customers might be keener to visit and eat when they know dishes are cooked outside when they can see exactly what is happening.

With all the options and equipment to choose from, it can be overwhelming to try to design and install your own outdoor kitchen. We have put together our topmost innovative outdoor cooking equipment that will provide a comfortable working environment for you to produce high quality and outstanding food that will keep your customers coming back for more!

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Wood Stone Pizza Oven

Wood Stone Mountain Series is designed to be the heart of any kitchen, whether that’s inside or out! With its classic shape and visible flame, operators can build a menu around this high production showstopper!

The four models in the Mountain Series offer 9 to 31ft cooking space and are available as wood or gas-fired, or a combination of both.

Options are available to make the oven better suited to be outside exposed to the weather, so it’s important to mention it’s for an outdoor commercial kitchen!

An outdoor installation can be:

  • Installed without a roof structure above the oven, i.e. completely exposed.
  • Installed within an open structure with a roof above the oven.

Wood Stone Pizza Oven Models Available: Mt. Chuckanut 4′, Mt. Adams 5′, Mt. Baker 6′,  Mt. Rainer 7′.

Mountain Series Pizza Oven
Wood Stone Mountain Series Stone Heart Oven © Jestic Foodservice Solutions

Synergy Grill Outdoor Cook Station

Synergy Grill has teamed up with Adande refrigeration for the ultimate chill and grill outdoor cook station on the market today with the Outdoor Cook Station.

This impressive unit is designed for chefs and professionals who are looking for an outdoor catering equipment solution that not only consists of a premium grill but one that holds the produce in a perfectly chilled state. This self-contained unit is custom made to suit your every need. Ergonomically designed for ease of use, it is the perfect height for cooking on the grill.

From an energy-efficiency perspective, the Synergy Grill typically uses 59% less energy than other standard chargrills and the Adande is the five-star rated refrigeration drawer on the market today. Both perform perfectly even in the most demanding environments. They provide an environmentally friendly, low-cost outdoor cooking solution!

Synergy Outdoor Cooking Station Models Available: OCS600DI and OCS900DI.

Outdoor Cooking Station by Synergy Grill
Outdoor Cooking Station © Synergy Grill

Crown Verity

Create your very own commercial kitchen outside! The modular kitchen from Crown Verity understands that chefs have different needs and priorities, giving you familiarity and knowledge that you are in safe hands to produce top-quality dishes.

The options for add-ons are endless, allowing you to truly make it your own. From storage and side burners to sinks, rotisseries and griddles. Everything is available for you to create the perfect outside kitchen for your menu!

All Crown Verity products are made from the highest quality of materials, featuring an 18-gauge 304 stainless with making your investment withstand the test of time.

Crown Verity Modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen © Crown Verity

Planning your next outdoor commercial kitchen?

Kamado Joe

The ProJoe is Kamado Joes biggest and best Kamado for professionals and chefs that love to entertain a crowd! Built to withstand demanding weather conditions whilst looking good at the same time. 

Large enough to smoke three full packs of ribs, the ProJoe comes standard with the new revolutionary SloRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber for the ultimate low and slow cooking experience. 

Kamado Joe grills allow the food to retain all their natural oils and moisture by using 100% natural heat sources, such as charcoal. The key feature allows you to not only grill, but you can smoke, bake, roast and sear with a few simple airflow adjustments. 

The Kamado Joe can be used as a “drop-in” unit to any kind of bespoke fabrication or counter, giving you the flexibility to incorporate it into an outdoor commercial kitchen with refrigeration, handwashing and anything else you need for service.

ProJoe by Kamado Joe
ProJoe © Kamado Joe

Big Green Egg

Versatile. Weatherproof. These Big Green Eggs are the ceramic charcoal grill that is loved by Michelin starred chefs, food aficionados and barbecue heads alike. Rain or shine, nothing will dampen the performance of your egg!

The EGG is so much more than just a barbecue, with a convEGGtor, it can be an oven, use it to roast, cook low and slow, bake, smoke, or even dirty cook!

The XL is the most popular size, especially for those looking to create show-stopping meals! Ready to cook in 12 minutes with 80 plus hours of cooking from one bag of charcoal. Thanks to NASA grade ceramics and pioneering design, the XL benefits from brilliant fuel economy. This means that with very little charcoal, you can cook for a banquet of people!

We have installed Big Green Eggs into cook suites in an indoor commercial kitchen environment, so they can be used indoors and outdoors as “drop-in” units to any kind of counter or kitchen set-up.

XL Big Green Egg
XL Big Green Egg © The Big Green Egg

Mobile Hand Wash Basins

Handwashing is a must! Not only to prevent contamination but also it is a strong message from the UK Government to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Several manufacturers have released mobile hand washbasins. These require no mains water or waste. Instead, they utilise containerised water and waste tanks. Therefore, they can be placed anywhere in restaurants and be visible to customers, so that they can see your staff actively taking their own hygiene precautions seriously.

Customisation options included vinyl wrapping and fabrication to match the aesthetic of your restaurant.

A must for any outdoor commercial kitchen space!

COVID-Secure Equipment | Mobile Hand Wash Basin
Mobile Hand Wash Basin (Vinyl Wrapped) © Parry Catering Group Ltd

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