The demands on professional kitchens are so high that it is essential that they run efficiently, seamlessly and like clockwork. While every kitchen has its own unique culture and dynamics, the one thing that they all need is that their kitchen equipment is in full working order all of the time. Busy kitchens don’t have time for equipment failure. Therefore, a vital part of running a successful one will be to ensure adequate commercial kitchen service and maintenance schedules are in place for key catering equipment.

Professional catering equipment maintenance & servicing

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is an indispensable service which gives peace of mind to restaurant owner-operators and managers that essential equipment will be serviced and maintained regularly by professional engineers. This means no unplanned downtime and a constant, efficient, kitchen service.

With its dedicated team of engineers, TAG offers a number of comprehensive commercial kitchen maintenance contracts, servicing all major catering equipment manufacturers. This flexible service means that our engineers work at times to suit your needs. They can be on site from 5am (or 4am by arrangement) and will work hard to minimise any disruption to your busy service times.

Prevention is better than cure...

Investing in a maintenance contract also makes good business sense. With payments spread evenly over the year, and regular inspections and servicing, you can rest assured that checks will pre-identify any issues and repairs can be carried out before a full scale breakdown occurs. This will help you to spread the expenditure on your assets rather than pay for sudden, unexpected emergency repairs or replacements when an expensive piece of equipment breaks down.

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Return on investment...

A good way to determine if PPM is a sound investment for your restaurant or catering business is to calculate the ROI by considering what the costs to your business would be if you didn’t have a maintenance schedule in place.

Potential kitchen shutdowns, increased food waste and wasted labour time in the kitchen and front-of-house, equipment downtime and expensive replacements are just some of the possible outcomes which may help you decide to implement a commercial kitchen maintenance contract.

The benefits of preventative maintenance far outweigh the disadvantages. Working with a service partner like TAG, you are assured of outstanding service at all times. You can rely on our dedicated Service Department which uses the latest service management software to enable the team to keep you regularly updated with alerts and notifications throughout the process.

We have five different frameworks, or we are also happy to design a framework that works exactly according to your needs. For more information on how we can help you with your planned preventative maintenance, please contact us to talk through the options.

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