The Project

We were asked by the client to design a bar that would be able to cope in peak service times. With durability being paramount, heavy-duty materials were used to ensure the bar could withstand years of wear and tear.

The design featured a long straight bar to allow staff to work efficiently, with ample space for additional bartenders during peak hours. Hygiene also played a key part of the design, with the stainless steel countertop being easy to clean and santize.

For a sleek and modern touch, we incorporated back-of-bar undercounter bottle fridges, providing staff with easy access to drinks but also offering a clean and organized way to showcase products to customers.

Finally, to streamline the service flow, tills were relocated to the front of the bar, eliminating wasted time for staff turning around during transactions. Additionally, high-capacity bins were strategically placed at the front of the bar for efficient waste disposal.


Commercial Bar Design


Elephant and Castle, London



Corsica Studios Front Render of Bar
Corsica Studios Front of Bar
Corsica Studios Back of Bar