UPDATED 19-05-2020 – Our statement regarding Coronavirus

A Statement from TAG regarding Coronavirus | Main Image

UPDATED 19-05-2020

Further to our original statement and subsequent revisions, we wanted to provide some positive updates on our current operating status during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • We are pleased to say we have now lifted some restrictions on breakdown attendance, meaning we are now able to attend non-emergency breakdowns and carry out some essential servicing and maintenance.
    • We are still complying with social/physical distancing rules so please help our engineers to help you by giving them adequate space to work.
    • Our engineers are available from 5am before your kitchen may get busy to help with this.
    • Please note for non-emergency breakdown attendance lead-times may be extended to ensure that we can prioritise emergency breakdowns whilst operating safely.
  • We are now back working on-site delivering our design and installation projects, ensuring that all Government guidelines are adhered to and that sites are COVID-19 Secure. This includes following our customers own safety procedures.
    • If you have a project pending we’ll be happy to disc uss how we can commence on-site safely.
  • We are able to function as normal working remotely, therefore, our office is still closed.

It is a difficult time for hospitality as a whole, but as we begin to see lockdown measures lifted, we are committed to supporting the industry and our clients during the coming months and beyond. After all, if you’re there, we’re there.

We have also recently released some new TAG Insights to provide essential information on kitchen best practice, including recommissioning your kitchen or optimising kitchen efficiency post-COVID-19.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly on 01920 877007 or enquiries@tagukltd.com.

All the best, stay safe.

The Team at TAG.


UPDATED 26-03-2020

Further to the below original statements that we gave you about our operations and the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to update you with the following:

  • To support our customers, keyworker industries and takeaway establishment, we still have engineers on call to attend emergency breakdowns.
    • Callouts are limited to emergencies such as the breakdown of critical cooking and refrigeration equipment or gas leaks
    • Please help our engineers to help you by maintaining social distancing, enabling them to carry out the required work safely.
    • Our engineers are available from 5am before your kitchen gets busy to help with this.
  • For the safety of all our project teams and clients, we have temporarily paused our on-site projects for a minimum of 3-weeks in line with the latest government restrictions of social distancing
    • We will endeavour to commence our project work when Public Health England suggests it is safe to do so;

These are clearly unprecedented times for the nation and hospitality industry as a whole. We are committed to supporting our clients during this time. If you’re there, we’re there.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly on 01920 877007 or enquiries@tagukltd.com.

All the best, stay safe.

The Team at TAG.


In addition to the below statement originally issued on 16th March 2020, we’d like to confirm the following additional measures that we have put in place to mitigate any risk in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic:

  • Giving employees, both office-based and engineers, consent to self-isolate without any symptoms;
  • We are keeping all of our engineers and installers in small teams that only work together; this prevents unnecessary contact with other engineers
    • Therefore should any engineer suffer symptoms of Coronavirus, only their team members will be required to self-isolate, not the entire engineering team;
  • We have implemented working-from-home as of Thursday 19th March to mitigate further risk amongst our office employees
    • We will be holding one office day per week (where essential) which will be staggered amongst the team, where one person from each department attends, to further mitigate risk and prevent the entire office having to self-isolate.

For the continuity of our existing projects that we are currently delivering (and future projects planned to deliver) we would like to comment as follows:

  • We are in constant dialogue with our stainless steel suppliers who are still operating fully and don’t expect any shutdowns;
  • We are also mitigating any issue with one individual manufacturer by having several alternates in both the UK and Europe, specifically in areas with fewer cases meaning we can source from any one of these;
  • Checks have been carried out on equipment suppliers, to ensure that they are well-stocked in the UK with transport for these still unaffected and looking to not have restrictions.


We wanted to provide a statement to update you regarding our arrangements during the ongoing uncertainty around Coronavirus.

At present we are operating 100% business as usual, supporting our clients on the installation, breakdown, servicing and maintenance of your catering equipment. We have the capacity within our engineering team if a number of engineers are required to self-isolate and expect that our service levels will maintain uninterrupted.

We are closely following the guidance of Public Health England and the World Health Organisation to minimise the risks to our customers and employees at work.

Some of the measures we have put in place:

  • Any employee with symptoms of Coronavirus or have knowingly come into contact with someone infected with Coronavirus will be told to self-isolate in accordance with current government guidelines (7-days).
  • Follow a strict hand-washing regime when entering and leaving our client sites, as well as TAG Head Office and their own homes.
  • Regularly sanitise equipment that customers may come into contact with, including PDAs before and after customers sign-off a job.
  • Where possible, we will hold any customer or project meetings via video call to save unnecessary site visits.
  • We have +1,000 parts in stock to try and mitigate any disruption that may occur to our supply chain.

PLEASE NOTE: for compliance, we require a customer signature when completing a job, therefore, we are encouraging our engineers to not hand over their PDAs to customers. Instead, they will hold the PDA and ask the customer to sign using their finger or pen/stylus, if this works. We would then encourage the signee/customer to follow the guidelines of hand-washing after signing the PDA.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding our engineers attending your sites please contact our Service Desk on 01920 877007 or email enquiries@tagukltd.com.

Kind regards,
The Team at TAG