TAG Becomes First Granuldisk Premium Partner

TAG Catering Equipment become Granuldisk Premium Partner

TAG Catering Equipment is delighted to announce that we have become the first UK Granuldisk Premium Partner for 2021. As Premium Partner, TAG is the chosen distributor for the London and Greater London region, supporting customers with sales, maintenance and exclusive month-long machine trials.

Granuldisk specialises in commercial warewashing solutions that utilise PowerGranules BIO®, water and a small amount of detergent to mechanically scrub pots and pans clean. This technology reduces water and energy consumption, and the time it takes to clean equipment, without the need to pre-wash.

As Premium Partner for the London and Greater London area, TAG will be able to offer end-users and operators a number of benefits including:

  • Access to trial machines to be used on-site for one-month
  • Service & Maintenance capability whilst ensuring the integrity of the manufacturer warranty
  • Priority manufacturer support
  • Complimentary hands-on training after installation
  • Continued manufacturer support through the Customer Satisfaction Programme
  • Exclusive discounts on OEM parts and consumables

“We are excited to become a Granuldisk Premium Partner. Improved efficiencies of commercial kitchens are a key part of our designs. The Granuldisk machines will play an important part in this, enabling for better cleaning in a more sustainable and efficient way.

“Not only do the machines save energy and water, but time. This will be crucial for kitchens as we come out the other side of the COVID pandemic” comments Tyron Stephen-Smith, Project & Creative Director.

To find out more about the Granuldisk range and the Premium Partner programme click here.