• A  De-Manincor  TCS (total control remote monitoring system)  monitors  the energy use of  every item of equipment in the kitchen, automatically balancing  power usage and any faults that may develop.  The monitoring is continuous 24/7  by TAG and the manufacturers.  Any fault that may develop generates an alarm so the problem can be rectified remotely or an engineer can be dispatched, often before the customer is aware there is even  a problem;
  • The existing gas range was replaced with a bespoke  De-Manincor Induction range for reliability and to reduce running costs, the ambient temperature of the kitchen is also reduced and has  significantly improved  the working environment;
  • A specially designed vented ceiling allowed us to raise the ceiling height and make the whole kitchen more open and bright, incorporating energy saving LED lighting;
  • Energy saving  heat recovery systems;
  • A bespoke, set down, space saving fryer;
  • Hydraulic heated gantries to save space;
  • A Frima Bratt Pan 211 plus;
  • Meiko K Series Premium Rack Conveyor Dishwasher;
  • Granuldisk smart machine to reduce staffing levels and improve hygiene;