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Project Brief
Frederick’s is a family owned restaurant in Islington, London. The building dating from 1767 is Grade II listed and the original kitchen was over 25 years old, the refrigeration system did not work efficiently and the kitchen wasn’t coping with increased covers, was cramped, hot and impractical.

Our design brief was to specify the most technologically advanced and efficient kitchen available; a future-proof design that provided a more pleasant working environment. Our Client wanted the out-of-date refrigeration systems replaced as well as new drains, floors, plumbing and ventilation, plus a move to a totally electric kitchen… and new dishwashing  too.

Early in the design process we discovered a major problem to overcome was the power supply at only 70 Amps there wasn’t not enough power for the new electric kitchen proposed and Islington council refused to increase the supply. Solving this dilemma became a key focus. The power issue was overcome by integrating  all refrigeration, cooking and warewashing equipment  into a  De Manincor Remote Total Control Monitoring System (TCS)  capped at 70 Amp power use. The system works by  automatically adjusting  power  load, effectively ‘spreading’ the power available  to where it is needed without effecting service operation in any noticeable way.

Main design Features:

  1. Cooking:
    1. De Manincor Induction, Island range, smaller than original gas range,  designed to improve  work flow, eradicate traffic in walkways and incorporate space saving features such as an integrated Green Egg Charcoal Grill, whilst improving the overall  ergonomics;
    2. Rational Combi’s replaced under-counter units improving productivity by 60% and chef welfare – no bending;
  2. Refrigeration:
    1. Heat exchangers to pre-heat the air entering the building FOC
    2. Bespoke refrigeration has increased capacity by 70% whilst using less space, all integrated in the TCS
  3. Ventilation:
    1. Installed a total vented ceiling that future proofs changes/movements of equipment and maximises head height and light in an extremely low basement kitchen
    2. Improved lighting with LED and incorporated a speed controller which automatically adjusts motor speed dependant on equipment in use
  4. Hygiene:
    1. Fully welded and seamless counters with solid plinths;
    2. Designed bespoke, sealed channels to conceal and protect the IT cabling and transformers for the TCS;
    3. All walls, floors and ceilings fully integrated with no gaps; HACCP compliant.

Results / Testimonial
TAG’S design and specification delivered exactly what the customer needed and more; a technologically advanced, space saving kitchen that is bright, cool and runs on 70% less energy than the old kitchen, with built in flexibility for future changes to menu or increased capacity.
“They made changes to the scheme to make it better, without any pushing from me, and their recommendations were spot on. The main range ended up almost 500mm narrower and shorter, very worrying for the Chefs, but the working area is now so much cleaner and uncluttered that it just makes delivery of the food easier. The induction also means a much cooler and calmer environment, compensated by warming drawers and a very effective pass. Pass through hot cupboards, pasta boiler, integrated fryers have just improved the kitchen no end.

“The kitchen I have works wonderfully well, and the quality is amazing. The key to a good restaurant is to retain your staff. There is no question that this new kitchen will help towards this aim. My kitchen staff are a very happy bunch.”

Nick Segal